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Provides a web interface or a browser front end for UFW, Ubuntu Firewall, or Uncomplicated Firewall. With ufw2web several functions of UFW can be controlled through a browser. By using a web server, ufw2web become implicitely cross-platform and, because there's no need to install client files, it's very easy to deploy.



Currently, ufw2web has a minimal feature set:
  • Show status. Show if UFW is enabled or not.
  • Enable or disable UFW. Enable UFW when UFW is disabled or the other way round.
Other functions like creating new UFW rules are provided later.

Use case scenario's

Scenario 1. A Ubuntu server on a internal network has to be remotely managed. To provide easy operation and access, without using the command line, a web interface is welcome.

Scenario 2
. A Ubuntu server of a customer has to be remotely managed. Normally this takes place by secure shell (SSH) and port forwarding on the client's router (port 22). Entrance on that system can take place anytime, anywhere without needing additional access rights or even without notifying the customer.

To give control back to the customer, install ufw2web on the server and let the client decide when entrance is allowed. After the session is finished, ufw can be enabled at will. Because ufw2web is operated by a browser, ufw can also be done from PC with an other OS, be it Windows or Mac.

Why not use Gufw?

Gufw controls UFW by a graphical client. Although functionality of Gufw is sufficient, in some cases it can not be used:
  • remotely control a server: gUFW only controls the local installation of UFW
  • cross-platform operation: control a UFW on a Ubuntu-server from a Windows-PC
In both cases, ufw2web provides a solution, although Gufw is far ahead on features.


  • Minimal requirements: Ubuntu Linux: Hardy 8.04 (server or desktop)
    • on these systems, ufw is installed by default
  • Project status: Beta
  • Copyright: Mark Baaijens mark.baaijens@gmail.com
  • License: GNU Public License version 3


  • 2009-02-05 Uploaded code, created website
  • 2009-01-29 Start of the project
See changelog.txt icon-external-link.png for revision information.